Some call it Senegal, others Sunugaal, and not too long ago, The Jollof Kingdom.  For our Co-Founder & Executive Chef, Pierre Thiam, growing up on the coast of West Africa, in that rich and diverse culture, a culinary curiosity and a reverence for tradition took hold, guiding him across the continent and beyond.

Rooted in traditional African home cooking that emphasizes African-grown ingredients, Teranga is a culinary journey into the depth, diversity, and deliciousness that the motherland has to offer.

In Senegal, “Teranga” is perhaps the most highly regarded value. Roughly translated, it means “good hospitality.” In practice, Teranga reflects how one treats a guest — with open arms and a seat around the bowl.

Drop in and join us.  Take a seat.

Welcome Home.





At Teranga, we are in constant conversation with tradition. 

From the source to your bowl, we are committed to serving authentic dishes from across Africa, and promoting sustainably-grown African ingredients.  

With 60% of the world’s farmlands in Africa, we believe the continent will play a major role in shaping the world’s future food supply chain.  By buying organic, indigenous, and, often, climate change-resilient crops from smallholder farmers in Africa, we provide a showcase for superfoods like baobab, fonio, moringa and red rice — and we become a partner in the emergence of these small business owners.